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Terms & Conditions
  • 1.By signing this form you are committed to conforming at all times to our terms and conditions ('Terms') as applicable at any time.
  • 2.his form constitutes a league pitch hire agreement between FirmBalls ltd and you in accordance with clause 8 of our Terms.
  • 3.By agreeing to the Terms you agree to sub hire the pitch from FirmBalls ltd for the duration of the season.
  • 4.This agreement lasts for the duration of the season.
  • 5.All fixtures must be paid for whether cancelled or played. A team that fails to fulfill shall be charged the current displayed cancellation fees (as displaye in our Terms).
  • 6.I am aware that FirmBalls reserve the right to enforce their Terms at anytime during the season.
  • 7.Any team who fails to make two fixtures in a season (with or without cancellation) may be withdrawn from the league without advanced notice.
  • 8.FirmBalls reserves the right to alter any of the prices with official notices being posted before the commencement of any amendments.

I agree that our team will play for the full season. As Team Organiser, I am aware that I am signing the team up for the full season and should we pull out of the league we will be liable for the full seasons match fees. On behalf of all the participants I agree that I have read and understood the Terms and Conditions and the FULL Rules of the game for playing at FirmBalls, and that I am aware that I can have individual copies of both documents on request from FirmBalls at anytime and have reviewed them on the website. I agree on behalf of all participants to abide by these rules. I am aware that all players play at their own risk subject to negligence by FirmBalls Limited, its management and staff being proved. It is the responsibility of individual team members to arrange their own personal injury insurance. It is recommended that you arrange your own personal injury cover for injuries sustained during play.

Firm Balls Ltd reserves the right to use the card details provided for short or missing payments and opposition fees both during and at the end of the season together with any administration fees in line with their terms and conditions. By providing this form you agree that Firm Balls Ltd is authorised to take those payments from the designated card details provided or any further card details you provide.

If a team is absent no supply or sale is made. However, the team hereby agrees that it will pay compensation for breach of contract of this agreement. The sum will be the team and opposition team’s match fees plus a £10 administration fee, payable by noon the following day. Failure to pay will result in deduction from the attendance deposit or the nominated credit card. Card payments carry a charge of 2% for business debit cards and 3% for credit cards and American Express payments

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