Five a-side Football Workout


These Workout exercises will help you to build a foundation of strength, increase leg power in order to jump higher and sprint faster, and build core stability to hold off opponents and reduce injury through impact. Do three sets of each exercise, resting for 60 seconds between sets. As you progress, look to reduce the number of reps (apart from for the box jump) and increase the weights you lift (or the height you jump for the box jump). After eight weeks, you should be lifting between three and five reps. Use a weight that takes you almost to failure in the final rep so you force your muscles to work hard and grow back stronger. Record what you’re lifting for each exercise throughout each session to track your progress.

1 – The Box Jump (both feet together jumping onto a box or step) –                                                                                                                                 Beginner: 5 reps
Intermediate: 5 reps (landing on one leg)
Advanced: 5 reps (single-leg box jump)

2 – Squats –                                                                                                                   Beginner: 10 reps (unweighted)
Intermediate: 10 reps (dumbbells)
Advanced: 10 reps (barbell)

3 – Alternating Step Up (stepping up onto a box or step with alternate feet) –                                                                                                                           Beginner: 10 reps (unweighted)
Intermediate: 10 reps (dumbbells)
Advanced: 10 reps (barbell)

4 – Bench Press –                                                                                                               Beginner: 10 reps (low weight)
Intermediate: 10 reps (medium weight)
Advanced: 10 reps (high weight)

5 – Wide Grip Pull Up (hands apart, using a bar to pull up) –                                Beginner: 8 reps (band assisted)
Intermediate: 8 reps (unweighted)
Advanced: 8 reps (weighted)

6 – Lunge & Twist ( lunge forward onto one leg whilst twisting your body in the direction of the foreleg) –                                                                                                     Beginner: 8 reps (bodyweight)
Intermediate: 8 reps (light ball)
Advanced: 8 reps (heavy ball)

The hamstrings are the most important muscles in a footballer’s body, both for speed and power when striking the ball. Players commonly pull up with injuries to the backs of their legs, which is often due to an ineffective warm-up. Prepare your body properly with dynamic stretches of your calves, thighs and back and do short sprints, building up to your maximum, before playing. Five-a-side is mostly played at night so this is especially important on cold winter evenings.