Terms and Conditions

Below are copy of our Full Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions (“the Terms”) are made between FirmBalls Limited (“FirmBalls”) and the customer (“You”)

(For avoidance of doubt “You” and “Yours” shall mean the same thing in these Terms)

For avoidance of doubt these Terms shall apply between FirmBalls and You at all times and by signing up to play in your chosen league or not opting out of receiving email correspondence or any other form of correspondence you agree to comply by these Terms which regulate the use of this Website and your obligations to FirmBalls in participating in games.

If any provision in these Terms is, or becomes unenforceable under the Laws of England and Wales those provisions will not apply and will be severed from the Terms. The remaining Terms will continue in full force and effect.

1. PARTIES The use of www.firmballs.com (“the Website”) shall result in an agreement on the basis of the Terms between FirmBalls and You.

2. USE & CONTENT 2.1 By using the Website You agree to or that (as the case may be):

2.1.1 Not put any lewd, offensive, unlawful, threatening, defamatory, abusive, racially bigoted, harassing or sexually overt material on the Website, and to remove any such content as soon as requested to do so by FirmBalls.

2.1.2 FirmBalls has no ownership or rights over content posted on the Website by You and it is at all times Your responsibility to ensure ownership rights to content being posted on the site.

2.1.3 Not to publish any photos or videos that are offensive or sexually explicit and to remove the same when requested to do so by FirmBalls.

2.1.4 Not to post or provide personal information which includes but is not restricted to phone numbers, address, location details, email addresses and any other sensitive information. Any such information provided is at Your risk.

2.1.5 To use the Website in accordance with this agreement and the Terms at all times.

2.1.7 Not to breach the intellectual property rights of any individual or other entity.

2.1.8 Not to impersonate any other person or entity or to use any copyrighted material without the permission of the copyright holder.

2.1.9 To indemnify FirmBalls and its officers and employees for any loss, claim or damage including legal fees resulting out of your misuse of the Website. Misuse shall be use in breach of these Terms.

2.2 FirmBalls shall be entitled to the following:

2.2.1 To remove any message or information for violation of these Terms.

2.2.2 Take any action for any abuse, physical or verbal on the message board (‘back of the net chat’) any costs, charges or fees for taking such action.

2.2.3 To change the content of the Website at any time and to service, amend, change and alter the Website at any time as it sees as necessary.



3.1 All teams and players (“participants”) agree to comply at all times by playing rules (“Rules”) as set out here.

3.2 A team shall always be automatically entered into the next season unless notice of withdrawal has been served by the team captain at least three weeks before the start of the next season.

3.3 FirmBalls at all times reserve the right to refuse entry of any Participant; at its discretion for any breaches of these Terms or of the Rules or in respect of any misconduct whatsoever by Participants or supporters or associates of the same.

3.4 By signing the FirmBalls registration form all Participants agree that they have read, understood and will abide by these Term and Rules.


4.1 A refundable team deposit of £75 is payable per team.

4.2 Any fees for any breach of Rules or absences is to be deducted from the deposit at the sole discretion of FirmBalls.


5.1 The game fee (“Fee”) shall be determined by FirmBalls as updated on the Website from time to time. The match fees are payable before the game commences or yearly in advance. The Fee for each league may differ.

5.2 Teams can pay match fees in advance as set out on the Website, or pay at the night by cash only or by BACS transfer to the designated FirmBalls bank account.

5.3 If the full match fee is not received before the game, for any reason, ‘No Pay Received – No Result Given’ shall be implemented and the full Fee shall be deducted from the deposit.

5.4 If a team is affected by the ‘No Pay Received – No Result Given’ procedure they shall have any goals scored removed and the result awarded to their opposition. Furthermore, an administration fee of £10 shall be charged to the team’s holding deposit.

5.5 Any cheques which are dishonoured, shall incur an additional £20 administration fee. This shall be detailed on the team account statement, the match fee shown as underpaid and the ‘No Pay Received – No Result Given’ procedure implemented.

5.6 Failure to pay fees shall be deemed a breach of Rules and the organisers reserve the right to remove the team from that competition.

5.7 Any precipitants that leave the league with arrears greater than the original deposit may be banned from sanctioned football by the sanctioning County FA at the discretion of FirmBalls.


6.1 If a team is absent for a fixture without giving proper notice the opposition shall be awarded the game. Absence is defined as not showing for the game.

6.2 If a team is more than 3 minutes late but is less than 8 minutes late, the game can be played at 10 minutes each way with the agreement of the referee.

6.3 If a team is absent no supply or sale is made. However, the team hereby agrees that it will pay compensation for breach of contract of this agreement. The sum will be the match fee plus a £10 administration fee, payable by noon the following day. Failure to pay will result in deduction from the attendance deposit or the nominated credit card.


7.1 To withdraw from the league the team captain MUST give at least 3 weeks notice before the end of that current season.

7.2 The team must then fulfil the remainder of that season’s fixtures, and shall be withdrawn before the new season commences.

7.3 The team can withdraw by written notice to FirmBalls registered office.

7.4 Any team that leaves the league without the 3 weeks notice or before the end of a season, shall forfeit their team deposit. The two weeks match fees will remain payable in full. If a team is removed for bad behaviour or disciplinary reasons before the end of the season, the deposit is strictly non-returnable.

7.5 Any team that leaves with monies owed greater than the original team deposit, shall have those arrears collected by FirmBalls or an appointed agency and shall pay all costs on an indemnity basis for recovering those costs including FirmBalls’ reasonable administration costs and those of their professional advisers. The registered captain at the time of the team withdrawal shall be wholly responsible for these monies.

7.6 If a team leaves the league following the correct procedures as stated above, the deposit, (minus any match fee underpayments deducted, if applicable), shall be returned via a cheque.

7.7 The cheque shall be made out as requested at the time of withdrawal and sent to the address as per the records held by FirmBalls.


8.1 All participants understand that these events are contact sports and contain an element of risk to the person participating.

8.2 FirmBalls takes care to select suitable and safe venues and able referees. But all participants agree and understand that FirmBalls does not own or have exclusive occupation of premises used for Fixtures; has little or no control in respect of persons admitted to premises (including adjacent football pitches and surrounding perimeters) during games and have little or no control as to how premises are used and left before and / or after Competitions.

8.3 Teams are responsible for ensuring that they do not allow their Participants to commence a game until and unless satisfied that the surface and other conditions are safe for the activity in question having due regard to the characteristics of their Participants.

8.4 Participants must report to FirmBalls at the earliest opportunity any perceived dangers, violence (or threats of the same), or any other misconduct of whatever type.

8.5 In the interests of safety all participants must be over 16 years of age and must wear shin pads at all times. No studded footwear (other than moulded or astro turf studs) are permitted unless agreed between both teams and their captains.

8.6 FirmBalls shall take no responsibility whatsoever for any acts, omissions, accidents, or actions which cause bodily harm and damage caused by any third party or participants to any other participants. articipants are advised that it is their responsibility to have adequate personal health and injury insurance


9.1 FirmBalls shall use all reasonable efforts to provide its services with reasonable skill and care and to a reasonable standard.

9.2 In so far as FirmBalls is in breach of the agreement and the breach is capable of remedy, FirmBalls will use its very best efforts to provide a solution mutually acceptable to FirmBalls and the Participant.

9.3 Notwithstanding the above, in the event of FirmBalls:

9.3.1 breaching the agreement or committing any tort, including the negligence or negligent misstatement of its servant or agents; and / or

9.3.2 being in any breach of any statutory or common law duty of care will have no liability to Participants save that FirmBalls will indemnify the Participant in respect of any death or personal injury caused thereby and in respect of which no limitation or exclusion is intended;

9.4 Without prejudice to the generality of the above, in no event shall FirmBalls be liable for:

9.4.1 any damage to property whether arising directly or indirectly from any breach or tort;

9.4.2 loss of income, or profit, revenue, goodwill or anticipated savings whether arising directly or indirectly from any breach or tort;

9.4.3 loss or damage;

9.4.4 any indemnity in respect of the items listed directly above.

9.5 Without prejudice to the generality of the above, the liability of FirmBalls for all the losses caused by a breach or tort giving rise to a claim shall be limited to damages of 3 times the total amount paid by the Participant to FirmBalls pursuant to the Competition in respect of which the breach or tort shall occur, and which both FirmBalls and the Participant have considered and agree is a reasonable sum given the respective positions of the parties and the types of direct losses likely to occur.


10.1 FirmBalls may subcontract the performance of any of its obligations under this Agreement to any person without notice. Where FirmBalls does subcontract its obligation under this agreement FirmBalls shall not be responsible for every act or omission of the sub-contractor.

10.2 This Agreement shall not otherwise be assignable by any participant without the prior written consent of FirmBalls. FirmBalls may assign this Agreement to any person.

10.3 FirmBalls shall not be liable for any loss or damage cause by delay in the performance or non-performance of any of its obligations where the same is occasioned by any cause whatsoever that is beyond FirmBall’s reasonable control including but not limited to an Act of God, war, civil disturbance, un-preventable flood, failure or neglect on the part of any utility supplying electricity, gas or water, the unavailability of or the prevention of access to premises, governmental regulations, prohibitions or enactments of any kind, strike, lock-out or trade dispute (whether involving its own employees or those or any other person), difficulties in obtaining staff or materials, breakdown of machinery, fire or accident or loss of premises. Should any such event occur the FirmBalls may cancel or suspend the Agreement without incurring any liability for any loss or damages thereby occasioned.

10.4 This contract shall be governed by English Law and shall be subject to the sole jurisdiction of the English Courts.


11.1 The competition shall be played on a league basis. The league shall consist of one or more divisions containing several teams.

11.2 Matches shall be played on one nominated day every week. Teams shall play each other once over a period of several weeks. Three points shall be awarded for a win and one point for a draw.

11.3 FirmBalls may change the match night, times, venue or playing format where it is to the advantage of the league at the sole discretion of FirmBalls.


12.1 Fixtures shall be created by FirmBalls and where possible teams shall be given the full range of fixture times which shall be published on the Website.

12.2 Fixtures for the entire season shall be posted on the Website at least 48 hours before the first game of the season.

12.3 Once fixtures have been created these shall not be amended or re-arranged unless determined by FirmBalls if it benefits the league at the sole discretion of FirmBalls.

12.4 Fixtures are available via the Website. Full details are found on www.firmballs.com


13.1 In all cases where FirmBalls is satisfied that a game has been abandoned through the fault of one of the teams, the match shall be awarded to their opponents and the team at fault will have the opposing team’s and their fees deducted from the deposit pursuant to clauses 5 and 6.

13.2 A maximum of 3 points may be deducted from the total gained by any club found responsible for causing the match to be abandoned as a result of the conduct of its players/officials.

13.3 In the event of a game being abandoned through any extreme cause which is beyond the control of both teams, one point shall be awarded to each team. However, where it is considered the outcome would be fairer, the Organisers may order the score at the time of the abandonment to be recorded as the result.


14.1 The number of players is limited to either 5-a side with a further maximum of 3 substitutes.

14.2 The number of players allowed in your squad is unlimited, however all players must be registered to your team before they play.

14.3 If a team is reduced by 2 players or more either through absence, injury or suspension the game shall be abandoned and awarded to the opposition and the provisions of clause 5 and 6 shall apply.



15.1 All matches consist of 2 halves, usually of 14 minutes each way.

15.2 The half time interval shall be a maximum of 1 minute duration. Half time may be dispensed with at the referee’s or Organiser’s discretion.


16.1 At the beginning of the game the choice of ends is decided by the match official.

16.2 If a ball crosses the side line a pass in is awarded to the opposing team. This may be

16.3 If a ball crosses the goal line by the opposition where it is not a goal, a corner kick shall awarded. If the ball crosses the goal line by the attacking team, a Goal Kick shall be awarded.

16.4 The opposition must be a minimum of 1m from a pass in or a corner kick.

16.5 There is no offside. Players may place themselves in any part of the playing area without any restriction, including the goal areas.

16.6 When a player is taking a free kick, the opposition shall be a minimum distance of TWO METRES from the ball until it is in play.

16.7 All free kicks that happen around the goal area must be a minimum distance of 1m from the goal area.

16.8 A penalty kick shall be taken from the penalty mark or from the edge of the area directly in line with the centre of the goal. It is at the sole discretion of the referee where a penalty shall be taken from.

16.9 A goal cannot be scored directly from a pass in.

16.10 There are no restrictions on players entering the goal areas.


17.1 The goal keeper is allowed out of his goal area. Once he has crossed onto the outfield, he shall be treated as a normal player and cannot handle the ball.

17.2 There is no restriction on the goalkeeper using feet in the area during active play. This includes returning the ball into play using a kick.

17.3 If the goalkeeper chooses to return the ball using a throw, it must be thrown underarm and under knee height in a horizontal or downward direction.

17.4 For a Goal Kick, the goalkeeper must return the ball into play using one kick from anywhere on his goal line. They may not return the ball using a throw.

17.5 If a goal keeper passes the ball to his own player the ball must be played to another player before it can be returned into the area for the keeper to pick up.

17.6 Penalty for infringements of the above is a free kick to the opposition 1m from the goal area.


18.1 All players MUST wear shin pads. This is compulsory and failure to do so may result in that player being excluded from play.

18.2 Footwear is restricted to astro turf boots or trainers. Blades, football studs or moulded studs are not permitted unless specifically authorised in writing by FirmBalls directly to teams or agreed between both team who shall confirm this to the referee through their captain. Failure to wear the appropriate footwear may result in that player being excluded from play.


19.1 Three (3) substitutes per team shall be permitted during a game.

19.2 These substitutes may be pooled from the team’s registered players but must be nominated at the start of the match.

19.3 The rules of the competition allow unlimited rolling substitutions.

19.4 The conditions for making a substitution are: The referee must be informed before a substitution can be made. The player leaving the field shall do so from their own goal line. The player entering the field must do so from their own goal line but not until the other player has left the field.

19.5 Any player may change with the goal keeper, provided that the referee is informed of the change and it is done so in a stoppage of play.



20.1 FirmBalls operates its competition under strict guidelines with regards to discipline and misconduct. Please see www.firmballs.com

20.2 If in the opinion of FirmBalls the conduct of any club or player brings the competition into disrepute, FirmBalls reserve the right to report the player and club to the sanctioning association for disciplinary action. This is solely at the discretion of FirmBalls.

20.3 FirmBalls also reserve the right to prohibit the player or club from taking any further part in FirmBalls competitions.

20.4 During a game the referee may award a blue or red card depending on the severity of misconduct.


21.1 If a blue card is awarded the player shall be temporarily suspended from play.

21.2 During the suspension a player must stay off the field of play behind his own goal, this shall be deemed as the ‘sin bin’.

21.3 The referee shall inform the player when the suspension is over.

21.4 The period of suspension shall be 3 minutes

21.5 If a player receives 2 blue cards in the same game he shall not take any further part in the game.


22.1 If a red card is awarded the offending player shall not be allowed to take further part in the match and shall be suspended from FirmBalls for a minimum of 1 match.

22.2 There are various red card offences which carry heavier suspensions from the FirmBalls competition: MISCONDUCT DEALT WITH BY FirmBalls ONLY Receiving a 2nd blue card. 1 match ban Denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity by physical means or by deliberately handling the ball. 1 match ban Use of offensive or insulting or abusive language / gestures, not to a match official.1 match ban MISCONDUCT DEALT WITH BY THE SANCTIONING COUNTY FA

22.3 Any suspension awarded by FirmBalls shall affect this competition only.

22.4 Any suspensions awarded by the sanctioning County FA shall affect all football competitions including FirmBalls.

22.5 County FA suspensions may or may not run at the same time as FirmBalls suspensions.

22.6 Players and officials are reminded that the Rules and Regulations of The FA and the sanctioning County FA allow for fines to be imposed as a result of misconduct.

22.7 Players should refer to the rules of The FA for a full explanation of all playing rules.


23.1 Please note particularly that charging / sliding tackles are forbidden and shall be penalised by the awarding of a free kick.

23.2 Persistent charging / sliding tackles shall result in a blue card.



24.1 The competition organiser shall be FirmBalls.

24.2 The competition shall be governed in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of these terms and conditions and if determined necessary by FirmBalls, the sanctioning FA.

24.3 The relevant sanctioning County FA shall deal in accordance with breaches of the Laws of the Game/Laws for Small Sided Football and the Rules and Regulations of the Football Association.

24.4 The Organiser may amend these rules at any time giving seven days notice via email or letter to the team captain

24.5 A person who is not a referee (as recognised by the Football Association) may carry out the duties of a Match Official in any match. It is at the discretion of FirmBalls who shall be a match official.


25.1 Any appeal against a decision of FirmBalls must be made to the sanctioning County FA in accordance with the appropriate rules of the association. An appeal fee may apply.


26.1 All information, addresses phone numbers, email addresses and any other contact information is subject to the provisions of the Date Protection Act 1998.

26.2 We will only use the personal information referred to in clause 26.4 to inform you about our services, events, leagues, offers, newsletter and information relating to any of the above.

26.3 Once you have received information from FirmBalls unless you specifically tell FirmBalls you do not want to receive any particular information or any information at all you confirm your agreement to continue receiving any correspondence from FirmBalls pursuant to clause 26.2.

26.4 You agree and acknowledge that FirmBalls may pass your details and data to third parties including credit reference agencies and that your agreement in receiving any form of correspondence including email, telephone, text message, post or any other form of correspondence is approved, unless you opt out in accordance with clause

26.3, that FirmBalls may transfer this information.